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Speed warning signs go mobile

Published: 14 December 2016

Speed warning signs go mobile
Mayor Luke Smith and Cr Phil Pidgeon

New mobile speed warning signs will be rolled out across the City of Logan over the next two weeks to encourage safe driving on local roads.  

As part of Council’s 2016/17 Annual Budget, $470,000 was allocated to the Portable Speed Advisory Signs initiative.

The electronic ‘Drive Safely’ signs advise motorists of their speed, with a green ‘smiley face’ if drivers are travelling at the posted speed limit or a ‘slow down’ message if they are over the limit.

City of Logan Mayor, Luke Smith said he was pleased to deliver the initiative, which had proven to be highly effective on Brisbane roads.

“This is part of my commitment to make our suburban streets safer and these signs have shown they can promote driver awareness and modify driver behaviour,” he said.

“Data from the Brisbane program, in which there are 26 signs, showed that nearly one-fifth of motorists were speeding. However with the installation of the portable signs, there was a marked decrease in the travelling speed of those who found out they were over the limit and then received the message ‘slow down’.”

Roads and Water Infrastructure Committee Chairman, Councillor Phil Pidgeon, said Council there were 12 signs in total with a sign to rotate between five identified sites in each division.

“The signs will remain at each location for at least a month before being moved, so they can have a positive effect on motorists’ driving behaviour,” he said.

“The readings are not used for issuing any infringement notices and there’s no camera to photograph vehicles. They just provide feedback.

“Only speeds under and close to the limit are shown; those well-over the limit are not, so motorists don’t try to achieve a high speed reading.

“Of course, areas which are shown to be problematic will be reported to Queensland Police for enforcement.”

DivisionRoadTravelSpeed Limit
1Deveon St, Rochedale SouthEastbound50km/h
2Bardon Rd, BerrinbaNorthbound60km/h
3Queens Rd, Slacks CreekWestbound60km/h
4Carl Heck Blvd, WindarooSouthbound50km/h
5Princess St, MarsdenWestbound50km/h
6Drews Rd, LoganholmeSouthbound60km/h
7Ison Rd, GreenbankEastbound70km/h
8Emerald Dr, Regents ParkSouthbound50km/h
9Bumstead Rd, CrestmeadEastbound80km/h
10Kilkenny St, CornubiaEastbound50km/h
11Equestrian Dr, New BeithNorthbound60km/h
12Harburg Dr, BeenleighSouthbound60km/h