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Sporting Hall of Fame to honour Logan’s elite

Published: 13 March 2015

Sporting Hall of Fame to honour Logan’s elite
Olympian Jodie Henry will be an initial inductee to the Sporting Hall of Fame.

Logan is renowned for its rich sporting heritage and a new Sporting Hall of Fame is set to be launched at the BDS City of Logan Sports Awards at Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday 14 March.

City of Logan Mayor Pam Parker said it made sense to have a dedicated place to honour the city's high achievers in sport, with so many stars being produced locally.

"In Logan, we have a Wall of Acclaim recognising outstanding citizens and being inducted into the wall is considered to be our city's highest honour," she said.

"The Sporting Hall of Fame will now sit alongside the Wall of Acclaim as the highest honour for sportspeople and the initial inductees will be those currently on the Wall of Acclaim with a sporting background.

"It is a great honour to have the opportunity to officially open this new accolade that will be filled with champions whose achievements will span the test of time."

Members of the public will be able to view the Sporting Hall of Fame as it will be located on the mezzanine level of the Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre at Crestmead.

Deputy Mayor and Sport and Community Services Committee Chair, Councillor Russell Lutton (Division 2), said the Hall of Fame is perfectly located at one of South-East Queensland's premier multipurpose sport facilities.

"In basketball they retire the jerseys of star players into the rafters of the stadium so having the Hall of Fame on the top level of Logan Metro is a great location," he said.

"We have wonderful sportspeople and facilities in Logan and it will be great to have a place where the public can come and celebrate the achievements of our community.

"It will also provide inspiration for the next generation who will be able to see the all those who have achieved success at the highest levels after starting their sports career in Logan."

Initial inductees to the Sporting Hall of Fame are:

* Steven Bradbury OAM
* Brian Harvey OAM
* Jodie Henry OAM
* Cameron Smith
* Mel Johnson OAM
* Peter Slattery
* Robbie McEwen