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Statement on community lease policy

Published: 17 February 2015

Statement on community lease policy

Please attribute to Logan City Mayor Pam Parker

Following amalgamations in 2008, Logan City Council was faced with the challenge of bringing three areas into one, which included challenges of equalising issues such as the different local government rates and charges systems and policy positions across a range of areas, including community and sports facility leases.
Council has conducted workshops with community groups and sporting clubs in the process of formulating a new policy for the whole city, in order to create a level playing field for all clubs and centres throughout Logan.
Last December it became very apparent the new policy had flaws that needed to be urgently addressed. Listening further to community and club concerns led to a further review of the 2013 adopted policy, and council conducted further workshops to work through community and club volunteer concerns.

We are very appreciative for those clubs and centre members who worked with us to achieve a reasonable outcome for all groups across the city. As a council we recognise and appreciate the tireless work our sporting clubs and community centre volunteers do for our community, they are the life blood of our city.

It is never our intent to make life more difficult for any group, but we did need to create a level playing field of service provision across the city. Council will be writing to all clubs and informing them of the new policy and implementing the updated more favourable lease policy with those who have renewed their leases recently.
Upon comparison with other cities, I believe Logan is now offering a fairer arrangement for our community centres and sporting clubs who will all now be on equal terms with the implementation of the new leases. We have heard our community and responded by fine-tuning the policy to cover building insurance, statutory inspections, and operational costs (such as water and sewerage access costs).
Council will now offer the following to community-run sports, recreational and community organisations not operating gaming machines: 
- a zero charge for water access,
- 60 per cent up-front discount (remission) on water use fees,
- Zero sewerage access charges
- 50 per cent up-front discount (remission) on garbage removal
- Council paying for building insurances
- Council undertaking statutory inspections and associated remedial work.
Today's decision also phases out Council's responsibility to mow at a number of clubs across the city, with all mowing to cease by 31 December 2015. 

Council officers will continue to support clubs in accessing grant funds to assist in maintenance of sporting facilities.

Local councillors can also continue to financially support these groups.