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Support from council for those who protect and save others

Published: 23 August 2016

Support from council for those who protect and save others
Grant recipients for 2016: Volunteer Marine Rescue's Roger Hawks and John Ranizowski, Karen Laws, RACQ Careflight (LifeFlight), and Logan Beaudesert Crime Stoppers - Andrew & Melissa Jones

City of Logan Mayor, Luke Smith, today acknowledged the work and dedication of three community organisations, whose members work around the clock to rescue and protect the people of Logan, by donating much needed funding to help keep them operating.

Every year, the Jacobs Well Volunteer Marine Rescue squadron and RACQ LifeFlight helicopter rescue work around the clock to rescue Logan residents who find themselves in life threatening situations.

Logan Beaudesert Crime Stoppers also works to keep the city a safe and livable community through the prevention and detection of crime.

Mayor Luke Smith said thousands of people owed their lives to the dedication of the three organizations which in turn are largely supported by volunteers, donations and information from the public.

“In the last 12 months, hundreds of boaties who have found themselves in strife have been assisted by the team at the Volunteer Marine Rescue between Southern Moreton Bay and the Coomera River,” Mayor Smith said.

“Nearly two thousand people in Queensland needing urgent medical attention are airlifted to hospitals each year by RACQ LifeFlight.

“Closer to home, Logan Beaudesert Crime Stoppers works tirelessly to stamp out crime.

“Together these three valuable community services make Logan a better place to live, and we are proud to provide financial support to help them to help us.”

The $5000 cheques were presented to the President of the Jacobs Well Volunteer Marine Rescue Association – Mr John Ranizowski, Andrew Jones and Melissa Jones from Logan Beaudesert Crime Stoppers and Karen Laws from RACQ LifeFlight.