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Surrender exotic reptiles and avoid a nasty bite

Published: 6 June 2016

Surrender exotic reptiles and avoid a nasty bite

Believe it or not your anaconda, Komodo dragon and snapping turtles are illegal pets in Queensland.

However, under a State Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry amnesty, residents will be able to surrender their non-venomous exotic reptiles anonymously, no questions asked.

Animals, Parks and City Standards Committee Chairperson, Cr Jennie Breene, said Logan’s Animal Management Centre will act as a drop-off location for the region, and accept any exotic reptiles in its after-hours receiving bays on Wednesday nights during the amnesty.

“Normally, Council’s after-hours bays only cater for furry and feathered pets, but as a one-off during the exotic reptile amnesty any residents who may be keeping these as pets can surrender them anonymously and no questions asked,” she said.

“Residents wanting to surrender exotic reptiles are asked to ensure they take appropriate steps when leaving animals in the drop-off pens, such as placing all animals in suitable containers that are fully secure and contain sufficient ventilation.

“Also, details on the animal, including species, approximate age, diet and any special conditions would be greatly appreciated so staff can appropriately care for them.

“Please don’t release your reptile – releasing exotic animals into the wild is not only detrimental to the animal, as it is likely to die from exposure or starvation, it could also introduce an exotic disease to or out-compete native wildlife.

“Staff at the Animal Management Centre will be working with the State Government to ensure safe collection of surrendered animals, and will have expert removal contractors on site every Wednesday.”

The amnesty is a chance to hand in any exotic species before new penalties imposed under the Biosecurity Act (2014) come into effect on 1 July.

Council’s Animal Management Centre is located at 213 Queens Road, Kingston. The animal receiving pens are open 24 hours a day.