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Two new water parks are splash hits for Logan

Published: 4 December 2018

Two new water parks are splash hits for Logan
This draft plan details design concepts for the water play area to be built next year at Logan Gardens in Logan Central.

The City of Logan has kicked off summer by announcing two new water park play areas will be built by late next year.

Modern, engaging water play areas will be constructed in Logan Central and Flagstone.

Both will be ‘zero-depth’ watercourses with waterfalls, climbing structures, water jets and bubblers with accompanying shade structures and amenities.

The water can be turned off to allow the play areas to be used in colder months.

In Logan Central, Logan Gardens was identified as a preferred location for the water play area after an extensive city-wide site analysis and an assessment by independent consulting engineers.

The location was preferred because of existing amenities, shelters, tables, barbecue facilities, parking and proximity to public transport.

Facilities proposed for the new Logan Gardens water play area include:

  • an elevated falling water zone best suited for older children
  • a spraying water zone best suited for younger children
  • an inquisitive play zone with water diversion channels
  • other water play structures
  • lawn areas for picnics and play

City of Logan Acting Mayor Cherie Dalley said the independent feasibility report showed Logan Gardens met the most number of selection criteria for a well-designed and sustainable water-play facility.

“Not having to undertake significant site preparation works will mean more of the overall budget can be spent on providing a unique and engaging space with a wide range of water play and water art elements,’’ Cr Dalley said.

Division 2 Councillor Russell Lutton said a modern and safe water play area was much needed in Logan Central.

“This family-friendly development will provide an additional major activity area within the park and will complement the existing popular playground and recreation area.”

In Flagstone, Logan City Council has proposed a joint venture with developer Peet to bring a water play area to the booming suburb.

A water play feature is planned for the new Flagstone Regional Park, in Flagstonian Drive, alongside an innovative skate plaza, dog park and one of the biggest community playgrounds in South-East Queensland which opens on Saturday, December 15.

Final details of the proposal are being put in place but facilities at the new Flagstone water play area could include:

  • a feature 10-metre high treehouse-style structure with water features
  • two other smaller tree-shaped waterfalls
  • a spiral staircase to a treehouse lookout
  • a watercourse with jets and blasters
  • shade structures, tables, seating and umbrellas

Cr Dalley said working in partnership with Peet would ensure the facility could be much larger than originally envisioned in a concept plan the developer had put forward for Flagstone Regional Park.

“This interactive water-play area will provide a focal-point recreation facility for this emerging and growing community,” she said.

Division 11 Councillor Trevina Schwarz said the new water play area would be a welcomed year-round family facility.

“The water can be turned off in the colder months so the facility can still be used as a climbing structure and play area that complements other outdoor and recreation facilities in Flagstone Regional Park,” Cr Schwarz said.

Peet Limited Chief Executive and Managing Director Brendan Gore said the water play area would be an attractive addition to the 10-hectare Flagstone Regional Park which is being developed over four years at a cost of more than $12 million.

“Flagstone is one of the biggest and most exciting new communities in Queensland and we are pleased to be working with Logan City Council to create a great facility for local families and an important destination for visitors to the region,” Mr Gore said.

Completion dates for both water play area projects are subject to the finalisation of design and construction plans but are forecast to be operating by late 2019.

The two projects deliver on a Council commitment to build sustainable, value-for-money water play areas in Logan.

City Parks, Animals, Environment and Waste Committee Chairperson, Councillor Jennie Breene, said Logan River Parklands was among the sites assessed in the independent feasibility study but it did not score as highly under the current selection criteria as Logan Gardens.

The independent feasibility study found the site would be more expensive to construct and sustain than the chosen site.

“I understand the community had high hopes for a water play area after the suspended mayor made a commitment in 2016 to the people of Division 12,” Cr Breene said.

“However due to the constraints of this site, to build a water play area at Logan River Parklands would have required allocating a huge part of the budget to civil works and site preparation.”