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Tygum Lagoon contamination

Published: 8 April 2016

Tygum Lagoon contamination

Higher than acceptable levels of E.coli and enterococci have been attributed to birds and other wildlife following an initial council investigation that ruled out any suspected sewage contamination.

It seems that a healthy bird population, pets and other wildlife in the catchment and the weather conditions in recent weeks are the likely reasons for increased bacteria levels in the lagoon.

Chair of the Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee, Cr Lisa Bradley said the lagoon was a victim of its popularity with the local bird population and fauna in the area.

“While birds have been identified as the suspected primary source of the microbial contamination, the water in the lagoon remains unsafe for human primary and secondary contact, which means all forms of contact with the lagoon will remain off limits for the time being,” she said.

“The warning signs will remain in place until monitoring shows microbial levels have returned to acceptable limits for recreational use.

“The levels are dropping slowly, but good rainfall in the catchment would certainly help to speed up the process.

“Feeding birds in the area is discouraged as this can contribute to the problem, by attracting unsustainable populations to this enclosed impoundment.”

Further updates will be issued at regular intervals.