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Underwood Park community opts for new facility to replace Club Rochedale building

Published: 26 July 2016

Underwood Park community opts for new facility to replace Club Rochedale building

The community has voiced a clear preference for an Underwood Park Community Facility to be developed as a new purpose-built facility to replace the old Club Rochedale building.

The proposed facility will provide a hospitality training centre and community centre, incorporating restaurant, function and café as well as storage areas for BMX and mountain biking.

As part of its feasibility study into the development of a new community facility at Underwood Park, Logan City Council asked a wide range of stakeholders if they preferred a new purpose-built centre or to refurbish the licensed club building, which formerly housed the Club Rochedale gaming room, bars, TAB, dining room and kitchen.

Chairperson of the Sports and Community Services Committee, Steve Swenson said that while the existing building appeared to be in reasonable condition, extensive repairs and refurbishment would have been required to bring it up to standard.

“The list of required repairs was quite extensive and it became apparent significant work would be required to bring it up to scratch and we would still have a dated building,” he said.

“Owners of older houses in disrepair face the same situation and sometimes it’s a better solution to demolish and rebuild rather than fix and keep repairing and retrofitting a building that isn’t really fit for the purpose intended.

“We put all the issues before the community, we have heard their voices and are happy to endorse their call.”

Division 1 Councillor Lisa Bradley said she supported the community’s preference to replace the building, but acknowledged the significant role the facility had played in the past as a place for the local community to gather and socialise.

“The community has said let’s move on and make this a modern, purpose-built centre that has everything we need to bring the community together and provide training and employment opportunities in hospitality,” she said.

“The first step in this process is to demolish the former licenced club component of the building and provide improved access to the Rochedale Rovers Football Club building, particularly for people with a disability.”

The development of a new community facility will be subject to Council securing external funding to progress this project.