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Volunteers help make lost pets happy

Published: 10 December 2018

Volunteers help make lost pets happy
Logan residents Jennifer Ingram (left) and Di Aarons have been volunteers at the Animal Management Centre since 2010.

‘Tis the season for giving and the festive spirit was on show this week at the City of Logan’s Animal Management Centre (AMC).

Volunteers play a huge part in helping the city’s trained experts maintain the welfare of animals awaiting adoption at the AMC.

To acknowledge their contribution, a huge thank-you was extended to volunteers who themselves have given so much over the past 12 months to help care for homeless and stray pets.

City Parks, Animals, Environment and Waste Committee Chairperson, Councillor Jennie Breene praised all the volunteers who help out at the AMC.

“Our wonderful volunteers are a very important and key part of our animal welfare program at the AMC,” Cr Breene said.

“They help feed, exercise and hydrobath the animals and provide basic training which ensures the animals can be returned to their owners happy and healthy, or new homes found for them.”

Di Aarons and Jennifer Ingram were among those presented with thank-you gifts for their contribution to the AMC.

Di and Jennifer, both residents of Logan, have been volunteering at the AMC since 2010 when the program commenced.

Both volunteers are passionate about the program and are proud that their contribution provides unclaimed animals the best chance of finding their new forever homes.

As the festive season and summer get into full swing, pet owners are reminded to be prepared for fireworks and heatwave conditions.

The sound of fireworks can startle pets, particularly dogs, and they can also create a change in the air pressure which dogs can sense.

The loud noise can trigger anxiety in pets and sometimes prompt a natural ‘flight’ response.

If you are aware of fireworks being displayed in your neighbourhood, try these tips to prepare your pet:

  • Keep your pet indoors in a secure area
  • If you pet is crate trained, place them in it and reward them with their favourite treat
  • Put on a TV or radio to mask the sounds
  • Cover windows to help muffle the sound of the fireworks
  • Provide sufficient bedding so your dog can burrow under it
  • Take your dog for a walk beforehand to help tire them out

To ensure escaped pets are reunited with their owners as quickly as possible, please make sure your pet is wearing its collar, name tag and council issued registration tag.

A microchip is the quickest way to identify your pet and return them to you.  If your pet is not yet microchipped, visit Council’s website for dates and locations of our 2019 Mobile Microchipping events.

The Animal Care Team also delivers a courtesy fireworks SMS alert to owners of registered pets (Council law requires all cats and dogs residing in the City to be registered).

Pet owners residing within close proximity to a registered firework event will receive a text message from the Animal Care Team by the morning of the event.

Council can only use phone numbers provided when you registered your pet so it’s important that you update your details if you’ve recently changed your mobile number.

As the days get hotter, it is also vital to watch for any signs of heat stroke, particularly for dogs.

Signs include rapid panting, weakness, a bright red tongue, diarrhoea, vomiting and a thick, sticky saliva.

If any of the above signs are evident immediate action is required, including:

  • Moving your dog to a cool area
  • Applying cool water over the dog’s coat
  • Applying cool, damp towels to the dog’s head, neck and chest
  • Giving small drinks of cool water

If the symptoms persist, take your pet to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

For more information on getting your pet through the summer and Christmas-New Year celebrations, or to register your pet and receive Council’s fireworks SMS alerts, call 3412 5397 or email