Biosecurity feedback sought

Published: 1 September 2017

Biosecurity feedback sought

Whether it be invasive weeds or feral animals, Logan City Council wants your opinion on our plans to manage them.

Council has put together the draft City of Logan Biosecurity Plan 2017-2022 and is keen to seek public feedback.  

The plan will provide a strategic direction for the management of invasive species within Logan and outline the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders when it comes to managing their impact.  

It covers more than 200 plant and animal species from Cat’s Claw Creeper through to foxes.

City Parks, Local Laws and Animal Care Committee chairperson Jennie Breene said community feedback will be vital in finalising the plan.

“Weeds and pest animals have significant negative impacts on people, the environment and the economy,” Councillor Breene said.

“An effective plan is essential to combat the adverse effects of invasive species.”

You can have your say at

Feedback on the plan is open until Wednesday, September 27.

Once the City of Logan Biosecurity Plan 2017-2022 is finalised it will be put to Council for adoption.