Council accepts State Government legislation

Published: 22 May 2018

Council accepts State Government legislation

Logan City Council accepts the Local Government Minister’s legislation to strengthen laws that reinforce integrity and improve transparency and accountability in local government.

The laws will also provide greater ministerial powers to stand aside mayors and councillors charged with serious integrity offences.

Council agrees that the community deserves to have confidence in its elected members.

The Minister’s decision to suspend the Mayor is not an admission of guilt and it is expected that the suspension will be lifted if the Mayor is found not guilty or the charges are dropped.

Deputy Mayor Cherie Dalley will assume the role of Acting Mayor while Cr Smith defends the charges.

Council will continue to work hard on behalf of its residents to ensure a financially sound local government and one that our community can be proud of.

Councillor Stacey McIntosh

Council can confirm the Minister’s decision to suspend Councillor Stacey McIntosh while she defends charges relating to a private matter.

The offences Cr McIntosh has been charged with allegedly occurred before being elected and are not associated in any way with Logan City Council or her conduct as a councillor.