GovHack looking to unmask innovation superheroes

Published: 27 July 2016

GovHack looking to unmask innovation superheroes

Are you an innovation superhero with an idea that could change the world? Then GovHack 2016 needs you.

This weekend digital creators, designers, coders, entrepreneurs and anyone with ideas outside the box will combine their talents at Griffith University’s Logan campus to come up with solutions to benefit the community.

The 46 hour ‘hack-a-thon’ will take place simultaneously in 39 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

City Image Chairperson, Councillor Laurie Smith, said competitors in all locations would have access to the same sets of open data provided by supporting local and state governments.

“What’s great about this competition is that it harnesses the collective talents of people with different skills and professional backgrounds from two countries to come up with solutions to common challenges in our communities,” he said.

“There is no doubt that data and the ‘internet of things’ is profoundly changing the way we live, including how governments manage public infrastructure.

“Jobs are increasingly reliant on new and emerging digital skillsets so governments at all levels need to support initiatives that prepare our workforce for the digital future and provide access to ideas that deliver better outcomes for the community.”

The competition is open to students, local business owners, designers, software developers and local business owners of all ages.

GovHack runs from 5.30pm on Friday 29 July to 7.10pm on Sunday 31 July.

To find out how you can get involved in the GovHack Logan event, visit