Land for Wildlife

Published: 11 September 2018

Land for Wildlife

For 20 years Logan has been at the forefront of a movement that aims to put the environment first.

Land for Wildlife (LfW) helps landowners manage wildlife habitat on their properties and improve conservation outcomes.

Originating in Victoria, Logan City Council was one of the first in Queensland to embrace the LfW movement.

On Saturday around 200 community members came to the small locale of Woodstock, where the City of Logan meets the Scenic Rim to mark LfW’s 20th birthday in this state.

In Logan there are 281 registered private properties covering 6670ha of land, approximately 7% of Logan’s total land area.

“Dedicating your land to the environment is a courageous decision but it’s one that many Logan landholders have been willing to make,” City Parks, Animals, Environment and Waste Committee Chairperson Councillor Jennie Breene said.

“Land for Wildlife has had a very real impact in Logan by improving wildlife habitat, managing weeds, restoring native vegetation and protecting vulnerable species.

“The benefits of which will be felt for generations to come.”

Land for Wildlife SEQ is a network of over 4000 properties being managed for nature conservation.

They help landholders to identify unique, and often threatened, species and give advice on how to help manage them as well as adopt practices that improve soil and water quality.