Council’s on the right track

Published: 23 October 2018

Council’s on the right track

Resident satisfaction with Logan City Council has hit record levels, an independent survey has revealed.

The survey conducted by IRIS Research in September, asked 1600 residents how they engage with Council and their experience of it.

Council scored 4.4 out of 5 for overall satisfaction for council’s customer services.

Council's average overall satisfaction with services and facilities received a rating of 3.8 out of 5, outperforming comparable councils on the IRIS database.

City of Logan Acting Mayor Cherie Dalley said Council’s Libraries, and Immunisation Program received the highest rate of satisfaction with 84 and 83 per cent respectively.

“All our staff work incredibly hard to ensure that the community’s needs are responded to efficiently and courteously when they use Council’s services,” Cr Dalley said.

“This survey shows that we are well and truly on the right track when it comes to delivering for our community.

“The survey will also inform our decision making when it comes to identifying areas where Council can improve its service delivery and customer service outcomes.

“Council has also achieved and exceeded state and national benchmarks across a number of service areas and once again it shows that Customer Service is our strength.”

Cr Dalley said while the results were positive, Council is always looking for ways to deliver better services.

“There’s always room for improvement,” she said.

“We always look forward to receiving the results of this survey so we can identify areas for improvement and recognise those areas that are performing well.

“It’s an important tool for our business so we can continue to improve the way we deliver for our customers. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to participate.”

City Image and Innovation Chairperson Councillor Laurie Smith said the survey showed Council is achieving its vision of creating an innovative, dynamic, city of the future.

“In addition to our quality customer service Council rated quite highly in other important core functions such as waste management, sporting grounds and facilities, parks and the maintenance of critical infrastructure, such as water and sewerage,” Cr Smith said.

“Of particular note favourable community perceptions of our bike routes and footpaths and shared paths outperformed comparable councils by eight points. In the area of animal management and supporting local business, we have achieved the highest benchmark of the top performing Council on the Iris database.

“We’re pleased to see the progress Council is making in transforming the social, environmental and economic potential of our city.”

The survey also found that Council’s online, social media and print products were the preferred way to get the latest information about Council’s activities.

IRIS Research used 2016 Census data to ensure all demographics were evenly represented.

“The community has rated Council’s customer service above the score of four over the past eight years that shows Council invests in delivering customers services the community values,” IRIS Research CEO Peter Watts said.