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Logan Mural

Published: 3 March 2017

Logan Mural
The Logan mural at Hillcrest

Hugh Jackman – it’s time to visit Logan.

City of Logan Mayor Luke Smith has issued a call to the Australian movie star to visit Logan and sign the mural painted on a roadside embankment in Hillcrest promoting Jackman’s latest film, Logan.

“My message to Hugh is simple – come and visit the city that shares the name of your most famous movie character,” he said.

“And while you’re here, jump into some abseiling gear, which we will provide, and sign the mural at Hillcrest and really make your mark on Logan!”

The mural is the biggest of its type in Australia and was painted by Marsden artist, Junior Tanielu, who was commissioned by film distributors, 20th Century Fox, to interpret the haunting image of the Wolverine character, Logan, in a desert landscape.  

Junior said he was thrilled to be given the challenge of producing the roadside artwork.

“It’s the first time I have had to abseil and paint at the same time but I loved every minute of it,” he said.

“It took three days to complete, is 20 metres long and eight metres tall and I used almost 100 litres of paint.

“I had blisters on my hands from working the ropes while painting but it’s been worth it, I’m really happy with the result.

“The fact it will be seen by thousands of people every day and could even be signed by Hugh Jackman himself is a little surreal.”

Hugh – book that flight to Logan!