Logan ready to roll up sleeves for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Published: 27 July 2017

Logan ready to roll up sleeves for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Logan City Council will take up the blood challenge again this year as part of the Red25 Councils Blood Challenge 2017.

The initiative is annually organised by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, promoting the benefits and the need in Australia for regular blood donations.

Between the 1 July and 30 September, Logan City Council will compete against other local government groups to see who can donate the most blood and save the most lives.

City of Logan Mayor Luke Smith called on his Council colleagues to break new records in this year’s blood challenge.

“Saving lives doesn’t need to be a blood sport, but some friendly competition to drive up donations can only do more good than harm,” Mayor Smith said.

“Council’s staff are ready to roll up their sleeves and donate when the mobile donor centre rolls into Logan in early August, so we are certainly hoping to break our own record for donations and hopefully set a trend for the state too.”

Last year, 196 different groups took up the fight, with 3,839 donations made during the challenge.

Each year around 127,000 Australians donate blood for the first time, a simple process that lasts less than an hour, but changes the lives of fellow Australians.

“To meet the needs of patients, we need to collect 25,000 blood donations per week,” said Australian Red Cross Blood Service spokesperson, Wes Thomas.

“During the winter months, many of our regular donors cannot donate due to cold and flu. During this year’s Council Challenge, we are calling on new donors to please come in and see us to ensure we can adequately provide what is asked of us to patients in need in the coming months.”

A single blood donation can be used directly for another individual, or several if separated into its components- red cells, platelets and plasma.

A statistic often highlighted by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is that although 1 in 3 Australians will need blood in their lifetime, only 1 in 30 currently donate.

Women suffering complications during pregnancies, children with anaemia, and severe trauma and cancer patients are amongst the countless Australians who are thankful for the life-saving blood donations.

The Mayor, Councillors and staff will be giving blood on the 2 August when the mobile blood bus comes to Logan, located in the carpark on Wembley Road.

Last year the Council made 42 blood donations within the three months of the challenge.

Those wishing to take part can simply join the Australian Red Cross Blood Services’ group donation program, Red25, and donate during the challenge.

Make a booking online or by calling 13 14 95.

Members of Red25 will have their donations automatically added to the group’s tally, and can track their groups results online throughout the challenge.

Nearby Donation Options:

* Logan City Council – Wednesday 2 August, 9am – 4pm

* Springwood Blood Donor Centre (12/3360 Pacific Highway, Springwood) – open Mondays to Saturdays

To encourage your workmates, access the free A3 & A4 posters on the Red Cross website below.

Join your organisations group here:

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