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Logan singer home to perform for fans

Published: 13 February 2017

Logan singer home to perform for fans
Davey Woder will return to perform at the LEC

Talented Logan singer Davey Woder is back home and preparing to sing his heart out for local fans.

Davey, who secured second place late last year in the Channel 7 television singing show The X Factor, will perform at the Logan Entertainment Centre on 24 February along with the show’s winner Isaiah Firebrace.

He plans to deliver a show full of his own original songs backed by his own band.

“I want to put on a good show,” Davey said.

“There will be no cover songs. I’m going to do my own music.”

Davey said he had been surprised to find that The X Factor was based on cover music.

“I didn’t know it was a covers show when I auditioned with one of my own songs Come Home and I didn’t expect to get a call back.”

Davey said he found it extremely challenging to learn the words to the songs he belted out each week on the show.

“I had to learn all the songs on The X Factor as I usually just play music I’ve written.”

There has been little relaxing for Davey since returning home to Logan after the show finished.

“I am now putting everything into my music and working on my EP Life which I intend to launch at the Logan show.

“The eight tracks on it are about things we all go through and the things that I am passionate about, that are part of who I am.”

Davey’s family is the centre of his universe and he is thrilled to be back home with wife Nikki and his three children.  

His X Factor experience has completely changed his family’s world too as
Nikki is now balancing her time as a full-time mum with managing his musical career as they try and build on the momentum of last year.

“I believe in myself and I’m going for it. We are doing it all on our own.”

Sports and Community Services Chairperson, Councillor Steve Swenson, said Davey’s upcoming shows would be a proud homecoming for his talents.

“So many people got behind Davey as he continued to wow them every week on X Factor,” he said.

“He really proved what a naturally talented entertainer he is, so we can’t wait to see him hit the stage in his home town and show us some of the moves that got the nation talking.”

After his upcoming Logan appearance Davey hopes to work on releasing an album and head off on a state by state tour.

Nikki said they had been amazed by the public response and the number of people keen to see Davey to perform.

Tickets are still available.  

Phone 07 3412 5626 or visit