Open data ready for Logan life hacks

Published: 21 July 2017

Open data ready for Logan life hacks
GovHack is about encouraging and celebrating technical and creative capacity using Open Data published by government.

One small idea can make a big difference, so have you got the spark to light the way in Logan? Then GovHack 2017 needs you.

Next weekend digital creators, designers, coders, entrepreneurs and anyone with ideas outside the box will combine their talents at Griffith University’s Logan campus in Meadowbrook.

The group will participate in a 46 hour ‘hack-a-thon’ which will also take place simultaneously in locations across Australia and New Zealand.

City of Logan Mayor Luke Smith, encouraged people to take up the fun and fast-paced challenge of building innovative solutions to common problems.

“Last year was the first time the City of Logan hosted a GovHack event and a team of young creatives came up with their prize-winning ‘Accident Tracker’ app,” Mayor Smith said.

“Using datasets provided by Council and the State Government, the team built an app that allows users to track traffic accident data on maps in real time.

“That information can then be used by road planners to program road upgrades where they might be needed most.”

Mayor Smith said Logan City Council was a local government leader nationally, in terms of the number of datasets it makes freely available to people via its website.

“Council produces and collects data in a wide range of fields as part of its business in managing the city,” he said.

“While we like to think we know Logan pretty well, no one person or organisation has the monopoly on knowledge or skills, so it makes sense to give our residents access to that data so they can contribute their own ideas for improving the city.”

GovHack is open to students, local business owners, designers, software developers and innovators of all ages.
GovHack runs from 5.30pm on Friday 28 July to 7.10pm on Sunday 30 July.

To find out how you can get involved in the GovHack Logan event, visit

To view Logan City Council’s Open Data portal, visit