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Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan 2017-2022 was adopted at the Full Council meeting on 30 May 2017. This Corporate Plan sets out the strategic direction for Logan City Council by outlining the vision it has for the city and organisation and the priorities it wants to focus on over the next five years.

Our Long Term Vision: Innovative, Dynamic, City of the Future

Council has also adopted a bold new long term vision for the City of Logan. As elected representatives of the community, Councillors have developed a new vision that focuses on the unlimited potential that exists in our people and our businesses. The vision embodies our expectations and hopes for the future of our city.

In developing our new vision, we aim to deliver an innovative, dynamic city of the future – one that offers social, environmental and economic health now and for future generations.

Our Priorities over the next five years

A set of priorities have been established by Council and these will be the focus of Council's efforts over the next five years, and acts as a medium term plan that will work towards delivering on our long term vision. The priorities outlined in the Corporate Plan 2017-2022 are outlined as follows:

  • Quality Lifestyles
  • Conveniently Connected
  • Economic Transformation
  • Image and Identity
  • Green and Renewable
  • Next Generation Governance

Delivering on the Corporate Plan 2017-2022: The Annual Operational Plan

Each year, Council adopts an annual Operational Plan. The Operational Plan details the actions and projects that Council will deliver over the next 12 months. This Operational Plan delivers on the commitments outlined in the Corporate Plan 2017-2022 (PDF 13550 KB). The Operational Plan is available on the Operational Plan page.

A full copy of the Corporate Plan 2017-2022 can be viewed below.