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Frequently Asked Questions

These commonly asked questions and answers have been supplied by Logan City Council, to help you when selling a service or product to Council.

Please contact the Corporate Procurement Program if you cannot find an answer to your question, by emailing or

1. How can I sell my products and services to Council?

Council generally seeks quotes and tenders to buy goods, services and works. Please ensure your company is registered on LG Tenderbox to receive tender notifications and VendorPanel MarketPlace to receive request for quotation notifications.

2. I am a local company - am I given any preference?

In line with Logan City Council’s Corporate Procurement Policy, Council encourages the development of competitive local businesses and will endeavor to promote and support competitive local industry in its procurement.

3. How can I get on Council’s preferred supplier listing for a service?

All Preferred Supplier Arrangements must go through a formal tender process. If you register with LG Tender Box and keep an eye out for any alerts then you will be able to submit a tender to be evaluated by Council. If accepted you will be placed on the Preferred Supplier Listing for Council staff to use.

4. Are there any tips on improving my chances in submitting a conforming tender offer?

Please refer to Submit a Conforming Tender Response - Tips and FAQ Sheet (PDF 69 KB) .