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Frequently Asked Questions

These commonly asked questions and answers have been supplied by Council, to help you when selling a service or product to Council.

How can I sell my products and services to Council?

We generally seek quotes or tenders to buy goods, services and works. If you want to sell to us make sure your business is registered with:

Registering on either website does not guarantee any work being awarded.

Does Council support Social Outcomes in its procurement acitivities?

Council's Social Procurement Policy outlines how Council can engage with social procurement organisations to generate positive social outcomes throughout the City. There are a range of procurement options Council can use when engaging with social enterprises and to find out more you can access the policies link on the Council's website to view our policy.

How can I get on Council’s preferred supplier listing?

All preferred supplier arrangements must go through a formal tender process. If you submit a tender and are successful, you will be placed on the preferred supplier list.

We may only establish a preferred supplier arrangement if we need the goods or services in large volumes or on a frequent basis.

Are there any tips on improving my chances in submitting a conforming tender offer?