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Council must invite written tenders where the contractual arrangement is expected to be worth $220,000.00 (inclusive of GST) or more.

In addition to tenders being advertised in a paper of general distribution within the local government area, Council has streamlined its tendering processes by providing an easy to use electronic system for businesses wishing to respond to Council tenders via TenderLink.


At any time prior to the closing date, Council may issue additional or different information to tenderers, which shall be taken into account in preparation of the tender. Council may invite all the persons who submitted a tender to change their tender to take account of the change, before making a decision on the tenders.

Contents of tender offer

A tender may not be considered as conforming, if the tenderer has failed to supply any of the information required as per the tender documents or the tender has been lodged on the basis of any condition or qualification.

Where expressively written, a tenderer may lodge an alternative non-conforming tender, provided that it has also lodged a conforming tender. Non-conforming tenders must be accompanied by a clear summary of all instances of non-conformances.

Lodgement of tender

Tenders can only be submitted electronically through the upload process of TenderLink and prior to the closing date and time.

No other method of lodging a tender is acceptable, unless otherwise stated in the request for tender documents.

Please refer to the below FAQ sheet, for further guidance, in submitting a conforming tender submission:

Evaluation of tenders

Details of the evaluation methodology, process and criteria will be documented in the tender documentation, specifically detailed in the brief to tenderers.

Council generally follows a three (3) gate evaluation process for the evaluation of tenders.

Gate 1: mandatory criteria or information to facilitate the process

The initial gate comprising the mandatory criteria will allow the evaluation team to filter out offers that do not conform to the mandatory requirements. These non-conforming offers will not be further evaluated by the evaluation team as part of the evaluation process in following gates 2 and 3.

Gate 2: scoring criteria

This criteria is formed to select offers based on non-price criteria. Tenderers deemed most capable are progressed through to gate 3.

Gate 3: value for money

Gate 3 will select offers based on a combination on pricing or best value to Council.

Only those submissions that are progressed through from gate 2 will then be assessed to determine the best value pricing submissions received, including any negotiations.

Site inspections/briefings

At the discretion of Council and where specifically detailed in the request for tender documentation, site inspections and/or briefings may be held. These may be mandatory or non-mandatory and are generally conducted while the tender is being advertised.


Throughout the tender assessment period, Council may request tenderers to provide further information to clarify their offer. Failure to provide the requested information may result in the offer being deemed non-conforming and excluded from further consideration.


Council may enter into post-offer negotiations with a preferred tenderer or a short listed number of tenderers.

Acceptance of tenders

Following the decision to award a contract to a tenderer, the appointment will be formalised and the appropriate written documentation will be executed as soon as possible.

The contract must be executed by the relevant delegated authority of both tenderer and Council.

As soon as possible after the final decision has been made, unsuccessful tenderers will be advised of the outcome of the tender.
Council shall not be bound to accept the lowest or any tender. Council may accept any tender in whole or in part.

Council shall not be obliged to consider any tender which:

  • was not lodged in accordance with the requirements of the tender conditions by the closing date;
  • does not conform with the requirements of the tender documents; or
  • requests changes or variations on the basis of any condition or qualification.

Debriefings tenderers

Tenderers are encouraged to request a debriefing on their tender response after the process is finalised, especially if their offer is unsuccessful. Feedback from Council can be extremely useful in understanding how your offer can be improved and can assist you in preparing for your next tender. Contact the officer as nominated on your received letter.

Debriefing sessions are not an opportunity to raise complaints but an opportunity to see what you did well and what maybe needs some improvement. If you wish to make a formal complaint, please use the established complaints process. No comparisons will be made with the successful tenderers and the debriefing process will not be used to justify the selection of the successful tenderers.

Tender contacts

Corporate Procurement Program Leader
Phone: 07 3412 4405

Tendering and Contracts Team Leader
Phone: 07 3412 5964