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Rates Calculation & Land Valuations

Rates calculation

To view the methodology Council uses to calculate rates refer to the Rates and Charges Information (PDF 307 KB).

Land valuations

Land use codes and valuations are determined by the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. The Beenleigh office is responsible for Logan City. If you have any queries regarding your land use code or valuation you may contact the Beenleigh office on 07 3884 8020.

Land use categorisation

General rates are calculated using the Site Value (SV) in conjunction with Land Use categories, both of which are provided by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines. To mitigate the impact of substantial changes in the SV, the rateable value of property in Logan is calculated by averaging the SV over three years.

To view the Land Use Code Categories refer to the Rates and Charges Information (PDF 307 KB).

Objection against categorisation

If you are sure that the land use category assigned to you is incorrect please complete the Official Objection Form (PDF 61 KB) and submit to Council within 30 days from the date of issue written on your rates notice (before the due date).

The lodgement of any objection will not affect the levy and recovery of rates which must still be paid as issued. Where the objection is upheld, an adjustment of rates will be made accordingly.