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Rates Email Portal

Registering for Logan’s interactive rates portal is a quick and convenient way to access your rate notice information online and have the ability to receive your notices via email.

Registration is easy; simply visit the portal and select the ‘Not Registered? Register Here’ button.

Once you are at the website follow the two steps listed below and your next rate notice will be conveniently delivered to your nominated email address.

Step 1: Complete the online registration form:

Step 2: Check your inbox for the activation email and click the activate button (it lasts 24 hours)

That’s it! You will now be able to log in to view your rates information at any time and depending on your selected delivery method receive a rate notice in your inbox instead of your letterbox.

Some of the key features of this portal give you the ability to:

  • Select your delivery method for each property you own (see FAQ’s for further information):
    a) To you via Email
    b) To registered address via Post
    c) View notices online only
  • Add multiple properties you own to the same online account
  • Download your old rate notices dating back to July 2017
  • Directly compare water consumption and rate notice charges over the past year
  • Securely make payments to your rate accounts

Frequently asked questions

What name do I use to register?

To register you must enter exactly what appears on your rate notice, this is located in between the barcode and the mailing address.

Where do I find my assessment number?

The assessment number is the eight digit number located in the top right hand corner of your rate notice, it is to be entered with no spaces (e.g. 12345678).

Can I still have my rate notice sent via post as well as email?

No, we only issue one rate notice per quarter, per property. Once you elect to receive your rates via email, no notice will be sent via post unless you change your delivery method to post prior to the rates being processed.

What happens if I am also registered for BPAY View?

You will need to deregister yourself from BPAY View to ensure that your preferred delivery method is used as only one rate notice can be issued for the rating quarter. If you are registered for both at the same time, you will only receive the email.

If I have just purchased a property when can I register to receive my rate notices via email?

If you have recently purchased the property, you must receive the first rate notice via post before registering. Rate notices are issued in January, April, July and October each year. You may receive a new owner letter before you receive your first rate notice however you will be unable to register with the new owner letter.

If I own multiple properties do I have to have a different account for each property?

No, simply register once using one of your properties’ details and then you can add further properties you own to the account. If you encounter any issues please contact Council on 3412 5230 or via email to

Once I register will I get the current rate notice emailed to me?

The first emailed rate notice you receive will be for the following quarter when it is due to be issued. You will not be emailed any notice that has already been issued, however you are able to download all previous rate notices issued to you from July 2017.

What do the delivery methods mean?

  • To you via Email - the rate notice will be emailed as a pdf attachment each quarter and you will be able to view information online at any time.
  • To registered address via Post - the rate notice will be sent via post each quarter to the mailing address Council holds on file and you will be able to view information online at any time.
  • View notices online only - this will not impact the delivery method and is just a way to view the notices online. The delivery method will be based on another registration or what has been advised by the owner or an authorised party.

Can multiple people register the same property?

While we do allow multiple registrations for the same property, only one registration is able to select a delivery method of post or email, any other registrations will be able to select to view notice only