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Sale of Land for Rates Arrears

Further to Council's 'Notice of Auction' as at 13th October 2018 (refer attached 'Sale of Land Ad') all properties have now been removed from the auction and are now no longer the subject of Council's action for the Sale of Land for rates arrears.

Sale of Land Ad (PDF 77 KB)

As a result, the auction to be held at the Logan Entertainment Centre on Thursday 8th November 2018 at 10:00am has now been cancelled.

Inspecting the properties

It is not possible to inspect the properties prior to the auction as the owners are still in residence. Please respect their privacy.

The owners are still the owners until the auction is held as the rates can still be paid within this time.


Interested parties may conduct any searches you feel are relevant prior to the auction.

Gaining a valuation

If a valuation is required for the property, this can only be done as a 'curb side valuation' as access to the properties are restricted as indicated above.

Conditions of sale/contract

The following should be noted:

To make a bid at the auction, you will be required to have registered prior to the commencement of the proceedings.

The property is sold unencumbered and any Mortgage / Security will be released upon transfer and the rates and any outstanding costs will be paid in full from the proceeds of the sale. The Purchaser will be responsible for any Stamp Duties and Lodgement Fees.

Settlement Terms are 10% payable on the fall of the hammer with the balance to be paid within Fourteen (14) days.

Payment is required by cash, credit card or bank cheque. We will allow a reasonable amount of time for you to obtain a bank cheque on the day of the auction. Please discuss these arrangements with Council staff prior to the day of the auction.

The Properties will be sold as is with all goods and chattels becoming the responsibility of the successful bidder as is the responsibility of gaining vacant possession.

Any enquiries, please contact Mr David Hayden, Senior Recoveries Officer on 07 3412 5256.