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View Rates Via BPAY View

Ratepayers can register to view and pay their rate notice online using BPAY View via your internet banking site. You will need your rate notice to register. New property owners in Logan will need to wait until the receipt of their first rate notice for their property .

BPAY View extends the facilities of BPAY by giving you the capability to view your bill online at your bank's website.

How do I register?

If you are using Internet banking or you already pay your Rate Notice or other bills by BPAY and you would like to view your rate notice online, then all you need to do is to register for BPAY View for Logan City Council at your participating bank's website. You will require your rate notice to register.

Please note: You will no longer receive a paper copy of your rate notice.

How do I view and pay my rates notice?

Internet banking

If you have registered at your participating bank's Internet site please contact your bank for specific information on how you will be notified that a rate notice is available for viewing and payment.

For further information please view the following: