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Frank Lenz Memorial Award for Volunteer of the Year

This award is presented to a person to recognise an outstanding contribution as a volunteer in the City of Logan.

Nominations for the 2019 Awards close 5pm Friday 12 April 2019.

All entries must be submitted online.

Nominator (information about you)
Nominee (information about the person you are nominating)
If more than one suburb, please list the main suburb or area of activity.
List the organisations and length of service.
Selection Criteria
Detail the nominee's most significant volunteering achievements, acts of kindness and their current volunteer role. (Minimum 50 words, maximum 250 words)
Detail the social, cultural, innovative, economic and/or environmental impact of their volunteering, or explain the difference it has made in people’s lives and how many people they have helped. (Minimum 50 words, maximum 250 words)
List the qualities the nominee has which have inspired you want to nominate them. (Minimum 50 words, maximum 250 words)
Are they still volunteering, studying, working full-time or part-time, family, carer etc.? (Minimum 25 words, maximum 250 words)
This photo will be used for presentations and in possible media or marketing opportunities (recommended 1MB). Please provide as a .jpg image.
Please upload one file (maximum 5MB). This can be photographs, news articles, certificates etc. Please provide as a .jpg, .pdf or Microsoft Word document.
Declaration for nomination *