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Sister Cities, Economic & Friendship Agreements

Currently, Logan City has sister city, economic and friendship agreements with the following cities in China, Japan and Taiwan:

Logan City Council has also signed a non-binding economic agreement with Cincinnati, the fastest growing economy in the Midwestern United States. View the Cincinnati city profile (PDF 1104 KB).

Sister city and economic and friendship agreement exchange activities include ongoing student exchange programs as well as new initiatives in the fields of culture, business, education and government.

One of our most successful sister cities program is the establishment of the Logan Youth Music Exchange (LYME).

Since 2001, LYME (previously known as Mixed Beans) has travelled to many of our sister cities to perform in their music concerts.

There is a large collection of cultural gifts and artefacts such as dolls, wood carvings and other items are currently on display to the public on the third floor of the Administration Centre.

Compilations of books on language and society are also available for loan from the Logan North and Logan Central libraries.

Logan City Council is able to provide introductions for residents or local businesses in the interest of cultural and economic exchange with these cities.

Please note: Logan City Council will not be held responsible for the outcomes of any contracts or other arrangements entered into with individuals or organisations relating to these sister cities.

For more information on our sister cities exchange activities, please contact 07 3412 3412.