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Taoyuan City

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Country: Taiwan

Location: North-east of Taoyuan Count in Taiwan, west of Taipei the capital of Taiwan

Population: 396,000

Area: 34.81 square kilometres


Established on 21 April 1971, Taoyuan City is home to Chiang-Kai-Shek International Airport, the gateway to Taiwan. Due to its proximity to Taipei, the city has rapidly grown over the past 20 years as economic development and urbanisation have changed the face of Taiwan. The local government's current focus is in providing and maintaining a high standard of environmental services.


Taoyuan is one of the great industrial and commercial centres of Taiwan. Farmland covers 814 hectares, and retail stores and plants occupy 6,388 hectares of the city. Service industries make up half of the City's revenue, with 15% from manufacturing and 10% from clothing and textiles industries. Taoyuan City contains a number of international department stores, hotels and restaurants with a large amount of investment being made by multinational Japanese companies. The city however also has a number of local markets selling fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.


The Taiwanese education system is based on the US form of six years of primary education, three years of junior high school and three years of senior high school. Taoyuan has 19 primary schools, 8 junior high schools, 5 senior vocational high schools and 1 intelligence initiation school.

Exchanges with Logan City

  • Logan City and Taoyuan City have enjoyed exchanges between citizens since the early 1990s and created official ties in 1996.
  • A delegation from the Taoyuan International Exchange Association usually visits Logan City Taoyuan annually to promote friendship between residents of both countries.
  • In July/August 2002, a string orchestra of primary school students from Shimen Elementary School, Taoyuan visited Logan and performed in the Sister City Concert as part of the opening celebrations of the Logan Entertainment Centre. The orchestra conducted a number of public concerts in Logan alongside local musicians from the Logan-Beaudesert Education Advanced Music Camp.
  • In October 2002, the Mayor of Logan City led a trade delegation of local companies to Taoyaun City and met with representatives from government and industry in order to promote Logan City and local businesses.
  • In October 2005 the Logan Youth Music Exchange undertook a concert tour of Taoyuan which included 35 youth musicians from Logan City. The musicians were given a home stay experience and visited local schools in Taoyuan as well as cultural facilities. The culminating event was a joint performance with the Taoyuan Youth Orchestra at the Taoyuan Women's Hall.
  • In October 2008, 32 official delegates from Taoyuan City Government and the Taoyuan International Exchange Association made a special friendship visit to Logan City. During their trip, they visited the "mini Kakadu", SouthWest 1, a 40 hectare mixed industry and business precinct neighbouring the 80 hectare Berrinba Wetlands Park.