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Wenling City

Wenling City, Taizhou prefectural City, Zhejiang Province

Country: China

Location: South-east coast of China, close to Shanghai

Population: 810,000

Area: 54.76 square kilometres


Wenling is a small coastal city located 300 kilometres south of Shanghai. Wenling forms part of Taizhou City. Taizhou is a newly developed comprehensive coastal city in the middle part of Zhejiang's coastal area Taizhou is a city at prefecture level, having jurisdiction over three regions, namely Jiaojiang, Huangyan and Luqiao, two cities at county level, Wenling and Linhai, and four counties, Yuhuan, Tiantai, Xianju and Sanmen. The municipal government is located at Jiaojiang Region. The city of Taizhou covers a continental area of 9,411 square kilometres, a sea area of 80,000 square kilometres, with 745 kilometres of coastline and a population of 5.36 million. Wenling belongs to the sub-tropical monsoon climate region.


Wenling is known for having the largest seafood wholesale market in China. From here the city supplies a significant portion of the Shanghai commercial markets. In Leqing Bay China's largest tidal power station has been built, the Wenling Jiangxia Experimental Tidal Power Station. In 1997, the total installed capacity of the whole city reached 1,692,981 kilowatts, with 70,013.496 billion kilowatts of electric power generated. Wenling City also has a large footwear manufacturing industry, with reportedly one in five pairs of shoes sold across the world having been made in Wenling.

Exchanges with Logan City

  • In October 2002, the Mayor of Logan City led a trade delegation of local companies to meet with representatives from Wenling City government and industry in order to promote Logan City and local businesses. Wenling City organised an International Trade Symposium for the visit where discussions were held in areas of education, tourism development and environment management.
  • Wenling City organises a business delegation to Logan City every two years to continue to foster ties with Logan City.
  • In November 2011, a delegation from Wenling City visited Logan City. The visit was a success and highlighted the ongoing friendship enjoyed by both Councils.