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Xuhui District

Xuhui District, Shanghai City

Country: China

Location: South-west of downtown Shanghai City, on the mid-east coast of China

Population: 810,000

Area: 54.76 square kilometres


Xuhui District is located in the middle of Shanghai City, the largest and one of the most developed cities in mainland China. Xuhui is unique in having the lowest population density in urban districts yet the highest concentration of cultural and scientific institutions with more than 20 places of interest. Although under the governance of greater Shanghai City, the district has its own system of local government. Xuhui is home to the Shanghai Botanical Gardens and many large shopping regions including the Xujiahui Commercial Centre. The city is home to the Shanghai Gymnasium and Shanghai Swimming Centre. Xuhui has many places of historical and cultural importance including the Longhua Temple, and Longhua Pagoda, the residence of Madam Song Chingling and the largest catholic church in the far-east.


Xuhui is a destination for foreign investment with 257 foreign enterprises located within the district. There are a number of international hotels such as Sheraton Hua Ting Hotel and Novotel Shanghai Yuan Lin. Being located within the largest and wealthiest city in China, the district has a great propensity to international trade. Priority has been given to development of real estate, technology, commercial and travel industries - which have been identified as the four pillars of the local economy. The Xujiahui Commercial Centre is home to Shanghai No. 6 Department Store, Hui Lian Commercial Building, Shanghai Orient Shopping Center, The Pacific Department Store, Zhong Xing Department Store and Shanghai Modern Audio / Video Company, making it one of the most popular shopping areas in Shanghai.

Xuhui boasts a large number of organisations that can assist in developing trade and investment opportunities. These include:

  • Shanghai Xuhui Foreign Economic and Trade Relations Service Centre
  • Shanghai Xuhui District Foreign Investment Enterprise Association
  • Shanghai Xuhui District Foreign Economy Relation and Trade Commission
  • Shanghai Xuhui Chamber of Commerce.


Xuhui is one of Shanghai's two major science and technology centres and has 139 research institutes. Xuhui has 19 institutions of higher learning, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Eastern University of Science and Engineering and Shanghai University of Medical Science.

Exchanges with Logan City

  • Xuhui District hosted a trade delegation of local businesses from Logan City in 1998 and exchanges in education have been established with a group of 60 Chinese junior high school students visiting John Paul College since August 2001.

  • In October 2002, the Mayor of Logan City led a trade delegation of local companies to Xuhui District and met with representatives from government and industry in order to promote Logan City and local businesses. The visit was highly successful with negotiations for contracts continuing with several Logan companies for business with Xuhui.

  • In November 2005 the Mayor of Logan City led a trade delegation to Xuhui District. The delegation included representatives from Griffith University, John Paul College and Cardno MBK.

  • In April 2006, Xuhui District signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Griffith University and Logan City Council to facilitate the provision of training programs for Xuhui officials in Australia.

  • In September 2007, 36 young musicians from Logan Youth Music Exchange (LYME) made their first visit to Suzhou City and Xuhui District Shanghai to perform in a series of music concerts.

  • 8 official delegations from the educational sector visited Logan City in December 2007.

  • In November 2008, the Chairman of the Xuhui District government, Mr Mao Ming Gui, made his first friendship visit to Logan City to meet with Mayor, Councillor Pam Parker. The Xuhui delegates took time to visit the Logan Art Gallery, SouthWest 1 and the Browns Plains SmartTiP with the purpose of gaining a greater understanding of our city's operations.