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Citizenship Ceremonies

After applying for Australian citizenship with the Department of Home Affairs, the final and exciting step for candidates to become an Australian citizen is to make a Pledge of Commitment. Successful candidates are invited to attend a citizenship ceremony at their local city council to make their pledge.

Awaiting a ceremony

Each year, Logan City Council welcomes over 800 new Australian citizens as residents to the City of Logan. Logan City Council holds citizenship ceremonies approximately every two (2) months.

Generally, you will be invited to a ceremony at Logan City Council approximately 3-6 months from the time your citizenship application is approved. The Department of Home Affairs will supply Council with a candidate list around 4-5 weeks prior to a scheduled ceremony date. If you are included on the list, an invitation letter will be sent to you approximately 4 weeks before your ceremony date.

Please note that the Department of Home Affairs, not Logan City Council, manages when and where you will be placed in a ceremony. If you have any queries regarding when your ceremony will be held, inability to attend your ceremony, changing your ceremony date for special circumstances, moving postal and home addresses or being placed with a family member, please contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 880.

If you have any ceremony-specific queries after receiving your invitation to a Logan City Council citizenship ceremony, please contact us on (07) 3412 3412 or at

Australian Citizenship

Initial enquiries regarding eligibility for Australian citizenship, applications and the approval process should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs website or by phone on 131 880.