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William Norris was an early leaseholder of 16,000 acres between Oxley Creek and the Logan River between 1840 and 1860. Norris was indentured to Charles Wray Finch in New South Wales on 8th January 1838. He named his property Mun Rubens. His name is commemorated in Norris Creek on the Mount Lindesay Highway. Norris originally ran sheep, as did most early leaseholders. The sheep were washed in the Dungappin washpool on the nearby Thompson property. His daughter Emma Evans drowned in the Logan River in 1882 along with three of her children. His other daughter Naomi Marks was a wonderful horsewoman. Her daughter Caroline Marks was the first teacher at Park Ridge Provisional School.

The Mount Lindesay Highway remained as a link between New South Wales and Moreton Bay from the 1840s and was known as the New England Highway until 1954. The large reserve along the local creek, which borders Munruben and Par Ridge South is known as Jerry's Downfall. It is thought that Jerry was a Kanaka working at the Townsvale cotton Plantation who capsized a bullock dray of cotton while crossing Chambers Creek. The locality is marked by a plaque erected by the Beaudesert Historical Society.

The suburb of Munruben in the Beaudesert Shire was gazetted in 1991.