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The origins of this place name are destined to remain a mystery. The creek in the region was named Priest Gully when it was first surveyed in the early 1860s. Timber was the main industry from that time with many timbergetters and shingle splitters living in the region in the 19th Century. From 1879 large tracts of land in this area were owned by Catholic Bishop James Quinn and subsequently transferred to Bishop Robert Dunne following his death. Bishop Dunne later undertook coal exploration on the area, but the deposits were deemed to be uneconomic to mine. Many locals believe that the name of Priest Gully originated with the Bishop's ownership but this is not so.

Priestdale is located to the east of Rochedale South and the area is mostly bushland which forms the buffer zone between Redland Shire and Logan City. Much of the surrounding area is State Forest, National Park or Conservation Areas. Priestdale was registered as a locality in March 1979.