Beenleigh streetscape upgrades

Beenleigh Town Centre Streetscape Upgrade

Planned works are being undertaken in two stages to limit disruption to businesses. 

Stage One construction works

Stage One will impact parts of Main Street and John Street, Beenleigh from Tuesday 27 April 2021. We are on track to complete planned demolition works and will soon commence construction works.

All businesses on affected streets will be accessible to the public throughout the construction phase. Project construction works will not impact parking on private premises or access to private parking. 

Traffic and parking changes implemented in Stage One are temporary and is planned to be complete in 12 weeks (July 2021).

Main Street, Beenleigh 

Works will impact the section of Main Street (between George Street and Bellew Street):

  • One-way traffic will be introduced (heading towards Bellew Street).
  • Temporary closure of most on-street car parking on Main Street. We have designated four temporary on-street parking bays for customers - 30-minute and 1 hour time limits apply. See the Stage One map for the parking bay location. All on-street parking will be reinstated when the project is complete.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained on both sides of Main Street.
  • Existing laneway access to rear private car parking areas will be maintained. 
  • Installed signage will inform customers that businesses are open.

John Street, Beenleigh 

Works will impact the section of John Street (between City Road and York Street):

  • Temporary closure of on-street car parking on John Street.
  • One-way traffic flow along John Street will be maintained. 
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained on both sides of John Street.

Vehicle access to existing private car parking areas on John Street and along John Lane will be maintained during the construction period.

Stage One map (as at 12 May)

Stage one map of streetscape upgrade on John Street, and Main Street Beenleigh showing traffic access, pedestrian access, street parking closure and short term customer parking.

Stage Two construction works 

Stage Two works will occur from 26 July 2021. 

City Road, Beenleigh 

  • Stage Two will commence on City Road (between George Street and John Street). 
  • One way traffic flow will be temporarily introduced on City Road. Traffic flow will be southbound into the George St intersection.
  • Access to on-street parking will be limited to enable construction works to progress as quickly as possible.
  • Temporary construction fencing will create main pedestrian corridors so all businesses can be safely accessed.

George Street and John Lane, Beenleigh 

  • In early August, works on George Street will commence on a new pedestrian crossing linking John Lane with the Town Square.
  • Feature lighting and artwork elements designed by local artists will be installed in John Lane.

Two-way traffic flow and all on-street parking on City Road will be reinstated at the completion of Stage Two works, which is due mid October 2021.

Council will continue to engage with local businesses impacted by Stage Two construction works.

Stage Two map 

map showing single direction traffic southbound on City Road to George Street, with parking not available on this street. Pedestrian access is available on both sides of street’

View the Beenleigh Streetscape Staging Plan for an overview of streets temporarily affected during Stage One and Stage Two construction works. 

Need help? 

We are working with businesses and residents to address concerns about construction works underway in Beenleigh.

You can contact us if for assistance or to speak directly to the Project Team by:

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