About being a Candidate

Eligibility and nominating

To become a candidate in the local government elections you will need to hold certain qualifications.

Candidates for Queensland local government elections must also undertake a compulsory training course.

For more information about nominating and qualifications, please visit Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs (DLGRMA).

If you would like to find out more about how to nominate as a candidate for election or for more information about candidates seeking to take part in Political Parties or candidate groupings, please visit Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ).


As a result of a growing focus on integrity and corruption prevention in local government new laws have been introduced. Under these laws candidates need to keep detailed records of any gifts, donations or financial support received to help with their election campaign. Candidates need to maintain these records beginning from 1st May 2019.

Candidates are also prohibited from receiving campaign donations from Property Developers.

For more information about financial support, gifts or donations, please seek advice from the ECQ.

Please visit the ECQ – Handbooks and forms for the following:

  • Funding Disclosure Handbook
  • Guide for Candidates
  • Guide for Scrutineers
  • Various other Forms and Handbooks

The rules governing how candidates keep their campaign bank accounts are particularly important and should be strictly followed.

The placing of elections signs advertising a candidate on roads or public places is controlled by Council policy. For more information, please download Election signs (PDF 280KB).

During their campaign candidates will seek to promote their candidature through the Press or Social Media. To see guidelines prepared by the Local Government Association of Queensland concerning social media, please download Social Media Guidelines (PDF 2018 MB).

Recent concerns about "fake news" and misrepresentation of candidates by their political opponents has given rise to an initiative to introduce an independent vehicle for fact checking in local government election campaigns. This has been launched as the Independent Council Elections Observer (ICEO) and whilst its creation was supported by the LGAQ it has been established as a fully independent body. To find more information about the ICEO, please visit ICEO.

There is an increased focus by the Queensland Government on electoral integrity. Candidates need to clearly understand their obligations and responsibilities about their conduct during the election period.

Candidates need to be aware that any breaches of legislative requirements during the election period can have serious consequences for their continuance as a Councillor, if elected.

DLGRMA provides a number of relevant fact sheets, please visit DLGRMA.  

Candidates should be aware that campaigning activities may not be allowed in certain public places and at certain pubic events under local conditions of entry. For example, events hosted by Logan City Council whether on Council property or at other venues are governed by conditions of entry that prohibit canvassing of other attendees or distribution of political promotional material.

Candidates should take care to observe these local rules.

For information about conditions of entry at Logan City Council Events, please see Events.