The Catapult program

Catapult is a Council-led initiative which connects industry and business with schools. The program aims to ultimately create:

  • meaningful employment opportunities for our youth, and
  • long-term economic prosperity in our region.

Students engage in a range of programs, events and activities and are mentored by local business leaders to provide context and build an entrepreneurial mindset.

Catapult helps our young people to:

  • become more employable
  • define their pathways to high-value jobs
  • open doors into the City of Logan’s innovation-driven economy
  • explore their entrepreneurial potential.

On the back of its success, Catapult is evolving in 2022.

The new program will continue to its focus on connecting industry and business with schools but will be delivered more innovatively.

To ensure Catapult's value is realised, schools will need to co-fund the program and engage a vendor to deliver a tailored program suited to their specific needs.

Council will continue to provide students with a range of opportunities throughout the year that will build on classroom content and provide the connections and support necessary to take their business ideas to the next level.

A range of professional development opportunities will also be available to educators as part of the program.

Interested to learn more?

You can download the Catapult program brochure (PDF 956 KB), watch our Catapult program Youtube video or email us at

What it means for the City

Catapult is part of our commitment to creating strong futures for young people in our city and strengthening Logan’s long-term economic success.