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CityStudio Logan brings together community leaders, young people, and Council staff. Together, we solve real-life challenges using innovation, collaboration and determination.

The goal of CityStudio Logan is to create meaningful change in Logan, and create, in our young people, citizens who are engaged with and care about the issues facing the City of Logan.

The projects are varied, with one thing in common: they are real life issues affecting Logan. The project groups, too, are varied, again with one thing in common: a desire to make positive change in our city.

Using innovative design thinking and problem-solving techniques, our project groups have had some great wins so far. We are happy to share these with you, so we’ll keep updating this page as the good news stories roll in!

The CityStudio Logan Logan model comes from CityStudio Vancouver, and started in late 2018. 

Being a part of CityStudio Logan has many benefits for all involved – the Logan community, its schools, its students and Logan City Council. You can see what people who have worked with CityStudio Logan have to say in the CityStudio Logan testimonials video.

Who is involved?

CityStudio Logan is a success because of the number of people who believe in it.

We work closely with staff from all areas of community leaders and volunteers, teachers, parents, students from across Logan and Logan City Council staff. Getting such a great buy-in really shows that the future of our city is in good hands!

Projects so far

CityStudio Logan has so far worked with 7 educational institutions and 213 students on 13 projects.

The projects varied from school to school, from environmental issues to town planning, community engagement and more.

We’ve captured some moments for you in the video below:

In 2021, we want those numbers to be even bigger, so keep your eyes peeled for more videos as we grow our network of community innovators.

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Find out more

To find out more, view the following videos about CityStudio Logan:

This project was completed as part of CityStudio Logan which was operational from July 1st, 2018 to June 30th, 2023. For more information on CityStudio, please visit the CityStudio Global website.