Community development funding examples

Previously funded Community Project Grant initiatives

Project Community priority area More information about the project
Ethni Inc. - Ethni Conversations 
Funded in 2020 for $9,988 

Young people, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, mental health and wellbeing.  

Partners: QPASTT, The Centre for Women and Co.   

This initiative supported young women aiming to balance their wellbeing with family expectations.  

The program connects women from diverse backgrounds with the tools to build resilience and personal safety. 

It also provides a safe place to foster identity and maintain good mental health.

The aim of this program is to improve communication, awareness and wellbeing. 

Lutheran Services - Hip Hop Inclusion 
Funded in 2018 for $5,800 

Access and inclusion, young people.  

Partners: Keystone Disability Centre, Endeavour Disability Centre, Loganlea State High School.

This project aimed to connect people living with disabilities and able-bodied young people. It promoted understanding and building inclusivity while developing dance skills.  
As a result of the project:  
  • participants overcame their nerves of meeting new people  
  • they went on to make a welcoming and accepting space each time they met 
  • participants were able to share, collaborate and build friendships.
The Centre for Women and Co. - My Friend Gordon 
Funded in 2020 for $9,944

School-aged children and their families, domestic and family violence prevention, community resources.  

Partners: The Family Place.

This project aimed to address domestic and family violence through children's literature.

The book provided a platform to gently introduce concepts of healthy friendships to families.

My Friend Gordon portrays positive attitudes and behaviours for families.

This resource is available for families, local services and community organisations from the Centre for Women and Co.

Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre - Sing to Connect 
Funded in 2020 for $9,929 

Young children and families, CALD communities, community resources. 

Partners: Metro South Health, Access Community Services.

Becoming a mum is daunting for most, but to do that in a new country away from friends and family can be even more isolating.  
The new program has taken a different approach to ante-natal education.

For mothers from culturally diverse backgrounds, the weekly classes combine health and social skills.

Joining the singing of lullabies in the traditional languages and health care professionals.

Previously funded Community Response Grant initiatives


Project Community priority area More information about the project
Hurricane Stars Club Inc. - The Experiences of Future Past 
Funded in 2020 for $2,112 
Mental health and wellbeing, CALD communities.

Due to isolation and the economic loss of COVID-19, this initiative focused on sharing stories for improved mental health and wellbeing.

Participants recorded stories about how they dealt with the crisis, sharing hope with others.

The aim was to create an ongoing visual record of Logan, its strengths and community spirit for the times to come. 

Marsden State School - Connecting Children to Care 
Funded 2020 for $4,752
School-aged children and their families, mental health and wellbeing, domestic and family violence prevention.

This initiative responded to an increase in demand on families and their children during COVID-19.

Mental health concerns and reports of domestic and family violence prompted this response. 

The series of demonstrations provided a chance for families to connect with support through school activities and play therapists.

The initiative helped to build resilience, increase certainty and security.

Logan West Community Pantry - Emergency Food Parcel Relief 
Funded in 2020 for $5,000
Emergency relief (food, medication, etc.)   

This initiative met a significant increase in need for essential food and household items. Due to the impact of COVID-19 many local families found themselves in need of aid.

As a result of the funding, Logan West Community Pantry was able to source additional food and essential items.

This provided immediate relief to local households impacted by the pandemic.