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City of Choice Key Documents

Logan City of Choice: Phase 1

The Logan: City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan (2013-2015)

The inaugural Action Plan was developed through extensive community consultation and operates within an integrated framework of other planning policies, tools and instruments and local, state and federal government operations.

Delivering these actions is making progress towards outcomes in education, employment, housing, safety and social infrastructure (including culture, communication and community engagement, and transport).

The Logan: City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan (2013-2015) was finalised by the City of Choice Leadership Team, based on the plan drafted at the City of Choice Summit in 2013. The Leadership Team and Logan City Council endorsed the final action plan as a working document. The Action Plan has been extended until June 30 2016.

State of the City 2013

A State of the City report was developed by the Leadership Team and Logan City Council to help guide future action planning and advocacy as part of the City of Choice initiative.

The State of the City report is a comprehensive profile of Logan City across a range of social and economic indicators with regional, state and national comparisons. The report aligns closely with the Logan: City of Choice Action Plan to help measure changes and outcomes driven by the City of Choice initiative and related initiatives and strategies.

State of the City Addendum 2015

To support planning for the future of City of Choice, Logan City Council - in partnership with the City of Choice Leadership Team - researched and prepared an addendum to the State of the City report 2013. The addendum includes key indicators and data relating to identified emerging issues, inlcuding health and domestic and family violence.

Update reports

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