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City of Choice gains an audience in Canberra

Published: 14 March 2014

City of Choice gains an audience in Canberra
Jude Munro, Federal Member for Forde Bert van Manen and Mayor Pam Parker will head to the nation's capital, Canberra, to argue for greater support in Logan.

When you need to get your views across, quite often the best plan is to go directly to the source.

That is exactly what Logan Mayor Pam Parker and a representative of the City of Choice Leadership Team are doing this month.

At the invitation of Federal Member for Forde and Leadership Team member Bert van Manen, Councillor Parker and a member of the Leadership Team will travel to Canberra on March 18 to meet with various ministers in an effort to garner further support for City of Choice Action Plan initiatives.

The pair will spend two days in Canberra and attend a series of meetings to discuss partnership opportunities. Mr van Manen will also attend the meetings.

“At the last Leadership Team meeting we discussed the importance of making personal representation to the relevant ministers to raise their awareness of the City of Choice Action Plan and identify opportunities to work together in delivering the plan,” Cr Parker said.

“We also recently released the Logan: City of Choice State of the City 2013 report which we intend to use to advocate for change. The report also enables informed decision making for the future direction of the city; the timing could not have been more appropriate to make the trip to Canberra.”

Cr Parker thanked Mr van Manen for coordinating the series of meetings and was hopeful they would generate positive outcomes for Logan.

“All members of the Leadership Team are passionate supporters of this city and advocates for positive change,” she said.

“Bert has provided strong support to the City of Choice Action Plan since he joined the Leadership Team and I am confident his involvement will continue to be advantageous for our community.”

A strong supporter of the City of Choice initiative, Mr van Manen said he was hopeful the planned visit would result in further positive outcomes.

“I am honoured to be included in the Leadership Team and I look forward to continuing to work with the Mayor and Leadership Team to improve the outcomes of people living within the Logan community,” he said.

Leadership Team Chair Jude Munro is also expected to meet with key Federal Government representatives in coming months to discuss the City of Choice Action Plan.