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Courage to Care - a unique exhibition

Published: 9 October 2014

Courage to Care - a unique exhibition

Throughout November, Logan Central Library is hosting the powerful and inspirational Courage to Care exhibition, which empowers people to stand up to prejudice and bullying wherever it occurs.

The touring exhibition also includes a school-based program, with 20 local schools and more than 1,300 students signing on to date to participate during the Logan visit.

Using Holocaust survivors' stories, Courage to Care empowers participants to take positive action in relation to discrimination and bullying in all forms, from the school yard to the workplace and beyond - not to be bystanders but to make a difference whenever possible.

It is a community outreach initiative that uses living historians as well as texts, objects memorabilia and interactive discussions to tell stories of rescuers and those who were rescued during World War II.

The program encourages the development of an intelligent, peaceful society, with understanding and respect for each individual. It makes participants feel empowered as they realise the importance of supporting those who experience prejudice and discrimination.

In every exhibition location, a local person who has consistently stood up against prejudice, bullying and injustice in their community is honoured. In Logan, that person will be Blaise Mukendi Wanguti (nominated by Logan Central Library staff).

Blaise Mukendi is a man of great integrity and infinite hope; a hope tethered in both his past experiences and his vision for the future. Often risking his own security and comfort in the support of others, his outlook is inspiring: "A good thing to do is to help someone else despite what it takes. My life is important only when I think about others."

Congolese born Blaise fled his country in 1994 just prior to the civil war. He experienced life in refugee camps in both Kenya and Malawi and bore witness to rife human rights abuses. In 2010, in response to a developing humanitarian crisis in the Congo, Blaise established the not-for-profit organisation now known as Africare Community Services as a support service for refugees in the Logan community.

The Courage to Care exhibition opens on 30 October and runs throughout November. It will be open to the public on Saturdays. Members of the community interested in experiencing the formal program (offered to schools), can also book in to do so on Tuesdays from 3pm to 7pm.

Courage to Care is supported by Logan City Council, as part of its commitment to the Logan: City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan.

For more information on the exhibition and program, visit Courage to Care.