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Excellent turn-out to Logan Together Community Partners' Briefing

Published: 25 June 2015

Excellent turn-out to Logan Together Community Partners' Briefing
Helene Fuller, Cath Bartolo and Susan Cary at the Logan Together Community Partners' Briefing.

Around 180 people from across Logan City's early childhood sector heard how the Logan Together initiative aims to be the first step in solving intergenerational disadvantage in Australia, during a community partners' briefing on 10 June.

Newly appointed Logan Together Director, Matthew Cox, provided an update on the initiative at the Beenleigh Events Centre, which was hosted by Logan City Council and featured Sharyn Donald - Regional Director, Department of Education (South East Region) - as MC.

Logan Together aims to improve the health and wellbeing of every child in Logan aged birth to eight years through an innovative service delivery model that will create shared goals and measurements across a range of sectors including health, education, community and social welfare.

The briefing included updates from executive staff from key government funding partners - the Queensland Department of Communities, Women and Youth and the Federal Department of Social Services - as well as Logan City Mayor Pam Parker and Councillor Don Petersen.

In his keynote address, Matthew highlighted the national significance of the Logan Together initiative.

"Logan is a wonderful community that welcomes people from every culture and every walk of life. That's what makes it so great. But we also know that with that comes challenges, with some kids and families needing extra support to make the most of their life opportunities.

"What Logan Together is about is proving that, in a single 10-year period, we can break the cycle of disadvantage that some families face so that Logan children are, on average, as healthy and full of potential as any other group of Australian children," he said.

"We know that the most important thing you can do in this kind of intergenerational campaign is to get kids to age eight in reasonable shape. It sets the foundation for healthy adulthood, and that's what we're focused on here."

Matthew said he had never seen "the planets align" in the way they had for Logan Together in terms of willingness and commitment to major change.

"We've got government and non-government agencies, community leaders, not-for-profit organisations, sporting organisations and every level of government including Ministers, Directors-General and senior public servants on board.

"Everyone is on the same page. We all want this to happen. There is a huge appetite to change the future for hundreds of children growing up in this community.

"If we can prove that it works here, then we've achieved something of national significance. We will have made a contribution to life in Australia that is far beyond the borders of Logan."

The June briefing was the latest step in the Logan Together establishment phase. The next steps, once the backbone organisation is fully staffed, will be major workshops with sector stakeholders to create a shared road map, as well as extensive engagement with parents and care-givers.

An official launch is planned for August.

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