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Jobs 4 Logan: a fresh solution to workforce planning

Published: 8 October 2015

Jobs 4 Logan: a fresh solution to workforce planning

One of the latest and most exciting initiatives emerging from the Logan: City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan is Jobs 4 Logan, a project that aims to provide greater opportunities for Logan residents to be employed in Logan jobs.

Coordinated through the City of Choice Employment Portfolio, the project is bringing together key players in the employment space – educators, government stakeholders, training organisations, jobactive employment providers, research bodies and employers – to consider the most effective way to develop sustainable job pathways in Logan City.

Logan City Councillor and City of Choice Employment Councillor Champion, Luke Smith, said that while there were a number of effective programs and services linking job seekers to jobs in Logan, there was no over-arching coordination and no 'big picture' strategy for stakeholders.

"Currently in Logan, everyone interacts independently with job seekers - often in a one-way flow of information," Councillor Smith said.

"There is no integrated strategy for our city that incorporates the needs, gaps and opportunities of each of these stakeholders, nor are there shared goals, outcomes or measurements. As a result, there is a lack of cohesion and, no doubt, missed opportunities."

A first meeting of stakeholders was held in August, at which representatives across government, training, education and business sectors in Logan brainstormed ideas about what was needed to better align job seekers with employment opportunities now and in the future.

Logan: City of Choice Leadership Team Chair Jude Munro has been involved in the project from the start, along with fellow Leadership Team members Gail Ker and Deborah Lanham. Ms Munro agrees that a coordinated approach is critical to linking Logan people to Logan jobs.

"Market forces are imperfect, as are the mechanisms for skilling people to move into work. Gaps clearly exist and we believe we can address these through targeted research and mechanisms including a cross-sector Workforce Steering Committee and a Jobs Plan for Logan.

"The first step, currently under way, is for our Federal Government, State Government and Logan City Council partners to analyse current jobs and workforce projects and services being delivered across our community and identify where each believe the gaps are," Ms Munro said.

"That then will create baseline information from which we can further scope the Jobs 4 Logan project. Our aim is to ultimately create a Logan Jobs Plan, as well as a mechanism through which all stakeholders can stay connected and up-to-date on job, training and employment trends and needs in our city."

The outcomes of the government analyses, and the next steps for Jobs 4 Logan, will be reported through the Leadership Team in coming months.