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Leadership Team welcomes review of disability policies and procedures

Published: 28 June 2016

Leadership Team welcomes review of disability policies and procedures

The Logan: City of Choice Leadership Team has welcomed Education Minister Kate Jones' decision to conduct a wide ranging review of Queensland's education policy for students with a disability.

On 2 June 2016, Minister Jones announced the review as a step to ensuring the Education Department offered all students the highest quality, evidence-based learning and teaching practices.

City of Choice Leadership Team Chair Jude Munro congratulated the Minister's leadership and hoped the review would address the inadequate Education Adjustment Program categories used in the disability verification process.

Ms Munro and Leadership Team Education Portfolio Leader and Griffith University Logan Campus Pro Vice Chancellor, Lesley Chenoweth, have been advocating to the Minister and senior Education Queensland executives on the issue in recent months.

"Logan education leaders have told the Leadership Team these categories critically impact teachers' capacity to support students with higher needs," Ms Munro said.

"We know that disability education is a particularly important issue for many schools, teachers, and families in the City of Logan.

"At the last Census, the City of Logan had a higher proportion of people needing assistance with core activities compared to our neighbours in Greater Brisbane (4.4% compared to 4.2%).

"Some suburbs, such as Woodridge (with 6.2%), had a significantly higher proportion. High rates of psychological distress and risk of vulnerability to child mental health issues have also been reported in the Greater Metro-South Brisbane region."

Ms Munro said the Leadership Team looked forward to the review outcomes and would welcome the opportunity to participate in the review, as appropriate.

Read the Minister's media release: