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Logan shortlisted for $1m for early child development

Published: 12 November 2014

Logan shortlisted for $1m for early child development

The City of Logan has been named as one of 11 short-listed communities in Australia vying for $1m through the Centre for Social Impact's new funding initiative, The Search.

The project under consideration is Logan Together, a game-changing initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of every child in the Logan community.

Logan Together aims to close the gap so that, by the age of eight, Logan children will be as healthy as any other group of Australian children and reach agreed health, education and social milestones.

It brings together representatives from all three levels of government, government agencies, community organisations, and a wide range of child development service providers. Logan Together is a key initiative of the Logan: City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan 2013-2015.

The Centre for Social Impact - a collaboration of the University of New South Wales, Australia; The University of Melbourne; Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Western Australia - is offering the funding over three years through The Search to support an Australian community "working to address society's biggest challenge".

All projects being considered must be based on the "collective impact" framework, an internationally-recognised model that enables organisations across a particular sector to focus on a common agenda to achieve large-scale social change.

The 11 shortlisted communities were announced on October 14. A final application is now required by February, with the successful community being announced in March 2015.

In October, the philanthropic Ten20 Foundation announced that Logan Together was also the first of 20 national collective impact projects to receive funding through its grant program. Logan Together will receive $450,000 over three years (including $150,000 in kind support) from the Foundation.