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Logan Together: Every Child. Every Opportunity

Published: 26 August 2015

Logan Together: Every Child. Every Opportunity

Logan Together, one of the flagship initiatives from the City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan 2013-2015, was officially launched at Griffith University on 6 August 2015, along with The State of Logan's Children and Young People report.

The report detailed how some Logan kids are falling behind state averages in key areas such as reading, social development and health, and provides baseline data from which the Logan Together initiative will tackle the issue through a whole of community campaign to create the best life opportunities for every child in Logan.

Involving representatives from all three levels of government, non-government agencies, schools and various community groups, Logan Together aims to bring Logan kids up to and beyond state averages within 10 years.

Logan Together Director Matthew Cox said that while the report highlighted issues that needed action, it was also important to note that many Logan parents are doing a fantastic job.

"Logan is a wonderful, dynamic, diverse community and a great place to grow up," he said.

"But we need to be upfront about the challenges that some children and families are facing.

"Around 40,000 children in Logan are under eight years of age. Most of them are doing fine, but about 30% will need extra focus and support to reach their potential.

"If we don't do something for this generation of young children, the evidence is crystal clear:  they are much more likely to grow to be disengaged teenagers and then troubled adults.

"We are setting out to do what has rarely, if ever, been done in Australia before. That is, in a single 10 year period change the life trajectory of an entire generation of kids." 

Mr Cox said Logan Together would operate across governments and community groups using a model known as collective impact to achieve shared goals.

"If we work across boundaries, measure what counts and do what we know works for children, the experience from abroad is that you get, over time, real community uplift," he said.

"Importantly, we have to take a universal approach.  This is about every child the whole way from birth through to age eight."

Around 250 people celebrated the official launch at Griffith University.

Logan Together is hosted by Griffith University Logan Campus, and receives funding and in-kind support from the Australian Government, Queensland Government and Logan City Council and a host of non-government agencies and philanthropic supporters.

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