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Logan Together Project Action Groups making progress

Published: 26 April 2016

Logan Together Project Action Groups making progress

Projects to reduce smoking rates in parents, increase emotional learning and resilience training in primary schools, and develop community child and maternal support centres, are among initiatives currently being explored by Logan Together's Project Action Groups.

Logan Together's Foundation Roadmap identifies 28 priority projects for 2016, and ideas are now being turned into action by the 28 corresponding Project Actions Groups formed earlier this year.

The projects are segmented into target age groups, based on the Foundation Roadmap:

  • Ready to have kids (pre-parenting/young parents)
  • A good start in life (pre-birth to age 1)
  • On track at age 3
  • On track at age 5
  • Strong family foundations
  • Enabling projects.

The groups are working with families and service providers to clearly understand the needs of birth to eight-year-olds in the City of Logan and progress projects in a way that best meets those needs.

The next step for the Project Action Groups is to work together to understand the gaps in the community and the activities that need to be delivered to improve life stage outcomes for Logan children. A major part of this work will be further community engagement and citizen participation in the design and production of these solutions.

There's still time to join a Project Action Group. For more information, go to or contact Matt Statham or Lauren Cunningham on (07) 3382 1348.