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Momentum building for Logan Together

Published: 12 November 2014

Momentum building for Logan Together

To date, 35 government and non-government agencies and service providers in Logan have provided formal support for the Logan Together initiative.

The Logan: City of Choice State of the City report last year identified that fact some areas of Logan have a higher percentage of child development vulnerability within the Australian Early Development Census in comparison to state and national averages.

NAPLAN results also still fall below the Queensland average for Year 3 and 5 students, and a recent Federal Government report shows the region in general has an infant mortality rate similar to that of remote regions.

Logan Together Working Group Chair, Matthew Cox - who is Group Manager, Community Services Queensland, Australian Red Cross - said the Logan Together partners had the shared aim of providing a more coordinated approach to childhood services in Logan.

"We believe we can address the identified challenges through an independent backbone organisation that will coordinate participant agencies, develop a detailed cradle-to-career 'roadmap' and establish long-term systems improvements that can lead to better support for children and their families."

Griffith University has been identified as the interim host of the Logan Together backbone organisation, which is expected to be fully staffed by June 2015.

Logan City Councillor Don Petersen, who is the City of Choice Councillor Champion for the Social Infrastructure Portfolio, said the initiative was an important part of building a healthier and more prosperous Logan for the future.

"What we are looking to achieve through Logan Together is a positive change in early child development that will dramatically affect our city and communities for the next 10 to 20 years," Cr Petersen said.

"This work is occurring at many levels, involving Queensland and Federal Government departments and a host of local organisations. But this isn't a talkfest – Logan Together brings together the decision-makers to make timely decisions, based on real data, which will benefit our kids and our communities now.

"From Council's perspective, Logan Together is important because it will improve the lives of the children in our communities and also help us, as a Council, realise the wide range of other long-term positive changes we are trying to achieve for our city."

Based on discussions with other organisations involved with collective impact approaches in Australia, Logan Together appears to be the best supported, most developed place-based social development project in the country.

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