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Official title revealed for Logan's QMF production

Published: 27 April 2015

Official title revealed for Logan's QMF production
Sean Mee (left) speaks with Wesley Enoch about Logan's QMF production at the City of Choice milestone event in March.

Logan's upcoming signature Queensland Music Festival (QMF) production has an official name: "Under this Sky: Logan's Musical Celebration".

The title represents QMF's theme of "a day in the life of Logan". 'Under this Sky' captures the sweeping nature of the large-scale production, which will include up to 700 local actors, singers, dancers and musicians performing on a purpose-built outdoor stage in Logan Gardens (next to the Logan Brothers Rugby League Club).

Staged over two nights (1 and 2 August 2015), Under this Sky will feature music and lyrics created by local songwriters.

Director Sean Mee, in addressing the Logan: City of Choice milestone event at the Beenleigh Events Centre on 17 March, explained how important it was that the show be a uniquely "Logan" production.

"I can say that 100 per cent of the music in this show is going to be written by people who live in Logan."
Initial creative concepts were developed through two Song Trails workshops held late last year. QMF recently released a short behind-the-scenes video from the workshops, which you can view here.

The clip includes an update on the production from Director Sean Mee and QMF Artistic Director James Morrison.

"What we're trying to capture is the ordinary and extraordinary parts of Logan," Mr Mee said.

Meanwhile, also in March, more than 150 people auditioned for acting, singing and orchestral parts in the show.